A message to national politicians

We hope these by-elections will be a moment between national elections for the public get to send a message to the UK Government that they’re not happy with the status quo, and that they support change at all levels and across the country.

National Press

These by-elections will be covered extensively by our national press. This is a rare opportunity to make politicians listen to the public between elections even if there is no chance to directly change the government. We hope the national press will help make the voters in the by-election aware of the brief access to power this attention gives them.

Local Press

The local press in the by-election areas should remind people about the last dates for registration both for voting and postal ballots. The more the locals vote the more they can influence the national debate.

Pro tip: Link to this website in your articles so your readers get the chance to act:



June 23TH 2022.

Send a message to Westminster: we’re not happy and we’ll show up in our millions.

In between general elections there are few opportunities to be heard.

The voters of Tiverton and Honiton and the voters of Wakefield can say

Start taking our message seriously.